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Gymnastics is one of the most basic and exiting of all physical activities. Basic gymnastics skills are perfect stepping stone for others sport and activities.

Gymnastics develops strength, endurance, power, flexibility, co-ordination, agility and balance.

The Benefits of GYMNASTICS

  Increase self esteem and confidence
  Teaching the young people to learn to listen
  Fosters social interaction with peers
  Teaching goal-setting
  Develops a solid basic skill for other sports
  Is full of FUN

Gymnastics is FUN activities which involve challenges, targets, problem solving and team work make this program interesting and exiting.

Why participate in Gymnastics?

Gymnastics Naturally Develops

  Speed & Strength
  Agility, Balance & Flexibility
  Gross motor development
  Body & Special awareness
  Overall body management skill
  Mental Focus
  Coordination Team work
  Confidence & Self-esteem

Among the physical activities involved would be as follows:

Basic skill

  Forward roll
  Backward roll


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